Designed for Fun

We’re committed to cultivating a safe space for dancers to learn and connect.

At Artistica, we lead by example to create a fun and safe space for you to learn dance and have a good time. We value the energy at our studio and take great care in keeping the positive and friendly vibe flowing at all times. Our goal is to ensure you exit our doors feeling happy and satisfied with your learning.

Designed for Dancing

We took great care in creating the best space for ballroom dancing.

Alongside architects and interior designers, every aspect of our space was created from the perspective of providing the best dance experience for you.

Our unobstructed maple hardwood floor comes with a 1” subfloor laid over 1400 individual rubber pads that act as shock absorbers which provide a very comfortable environment for your feet and joints. Our sound system comes with acoustic panels that help to stop the sound vibration from bouncing off of hard surfaces that create a very smooth clear sound for you to enjoy.