Dancing is our greatest passion.

Not only are our Artistica instructors the best in Canada, but just like you, they all have inspiring, personal journeys that led them to dance.

Though they all come from different dance backgrounds and bring their unique talents and energies to the dance floor, our team shares one thing in common – how much they love bringing the joy of dance to people like you.


Owner / Instructor

Throughout much of his childhood, Patrick played competitive hockey and trained in martial arts. He played basketball, golf, soccer, baseball, and any sport that was available to him. He always considered himself an athlete, but never a dancer. One dance teacher changed that forever. What started in breakdance, grew to ballet, contemporary, hip hop, tap, and many others before eventually turning to partner dancing in 2012. He has chosen to make this a career for one simple reason; to make a difference in people’s lives, and maybe one day to do for someone else, what his teacher did for him.


Owner / Instructor

Anastasia was introduced to ballroom dancing at a young age and very quickly got into the competitive ballroom scene. Despite facing many physical and emotional challenges from high-level intense physical training and world competitive events as a teenager, Anastasia was able to eventually gain confidence and resilience which has helped shape the dancer and the teacher she is today. Over the years, Anastasia’s motto has become ‘train smarter not harder,’ all while respecting and nurturing the physical body. She is a firm believer that dancing is for everyone, and that alongside proper training and a positive supportive community, anyone can achieve their dancing goals.


Owner / Instructor

Kelly has been practicing dance in many forms since the age of five. Her first exposure to the art form was through Tap dancing and quickly progressed to Ballet, Jazz, Modern, and Hip Hop. Kelly continued to dance throughout her post-secondary education in Photography at Sheridan College. However, ballroom dancing came later in Kelly’s life, when she found herself choosing dance as a career. The opportunity to learn a new style and help others experience the joy of dance was what motivated her into the instructor and business owner that she is today. She describes her connection to dance as an experience of ‘Flow State’ where she can connect with the present moment.



Sarah began her journey at Artistica as a student in 2017, and is thrilled to now be working with this incredible team as an instructor. From dancing to acting, singing and writing, she has always been passionate about the arts. After many years of training and competing in a multitude of dance styles, she began teaching and choreographing; one of her favourite experiences being “Stage a Breakthrough”, a performance fundraiser that she co-created, raising $20,000 in support of The Trauma Centre in Sharon, ON. After graduating from Randolph College for the Performing Arts, Sarah trained at Steps on Broadway in New York City, one of the highest regarded studios in the theatre community, learning from and with esteemed Broadway performers. She is now represented by Toronto-based talent agency Noble Caplan Abrams. Sarah is a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and an advocate for mental health, who seeks to provide an inclusive space in dance for those who, like herself, need a creative outlet.


2024 – La Classique Du Quebec Top Student Award – Peter Krug

2023 – Toronto Winter Ball Top Studio Award

2023 – Toronto Winter Ball Top Teacher Award – Patrick

2023 – Can-Am DanceSport Gala North American Open Championships Professional Smooth Vice-Champions – Patrick & Anastasia

2023 – NDCC Professional Canadian Smooth Vice-Champions – Patrick & Anastasia

2022 – NDCC Professional Canadian Smooth Vice-Champions – Patrick & Anastasia

2021 – NDCC Professional Canadian Showdance Champions & Professional Smooth Vice Champions– Patrick & Anastasia

2021 – NDCC Top Teacher award – Anastasia Trutneva

2021 – NDCC Top Studio award

2020 – Corporate Service Award – Easter Seals Ontario

2018 – CanAm Dancesport Gala – Top Teacher Award – Patrick Derry

2018 – CanAm Dancesport Gala – Top Teacher Award – Anastasia Trutneva

2018 – CanAm Dancesport Gala – Professional Rising Star – Patrick & Anastasia 1st Place

2018 – Victim Services of York Region Lip Sync Battle – 1st Place

2018 – Canadian Closed Championships – Professional Smooth – Patrick & Anastasia 4th Place

2017 – Toronto Winter Ball – Top Studio Award

2017 – Toronto Winter Ball – Top Teacher Award – Patrick Derry

2017 – Toronto Winter Ball – Top Teacher Award – Anastasia Trutneva

2017 – Business Excellence Awards – Best New Business Venture

2017 – Snap’d Aurora – Heroes Of The Month – Artistica

2017 – CanAm Dancesport Championship – Top Teacher Award – Patrick Derry

2017 – Professional Smooth Canadian Championships – 3rd Place – Patrick & Anastasia

2017 – Tulip Classic – Top Teacher Award – Patrick & Anastasia

2016 – La Classique Du Quebec – 3rd Place Top Studio Award

2015 – Victim Services of York Region – Lip Sync Battle – 2nd Place – Patrick, Anastasia & Kelly