Private lessons tailored to you.

We believe that everyone can learn how to dance, but that doesn’t mean everyone learns the same way. That’s why one-on-one instruction is the most beneficial way for beginners to discover what their dance goals are.

Learning is a skill that gets easier with time and practice, and we make sure to guide you every step of the way. We also ensure that while you learn to dance we keep things fun and engaging to help strengthen your retention abilities.

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Bonus Program 1

Take 75 lessons in a year and receive 2 bonus lessons.

Bonus Program 2

Take 100 lessons in a year and receive 4 bonus lessons.

Bonus Program 3

Take 150 lessons in a year and receive 8 bonus lessons.

Bonus Program 4

Take 200 lessons in a year and receive 12 bonus lessons.

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Dancing is fun, dancing with your close friends and family is a lot of fun and creates many special memories. Spread the love of dance and find out more about our gift certificates.

Lessons tailored to you