Our New Ballroom Dance Studio

Our Studio Home

The three couples and three instructors who founded Artistica dreamed about creating the ideal space for ballroom dancing. Because they have danced in studios around the world, they drew upon their collective experiences to shape the physical and aesthetic components of the Artistica Studio.

Artistica’s doors opened in 2016. And we’ve been growing ever since!

The unique dance floor is the centerpiece of the studio. It is a “sprung” dance floor, and is ¾” maple with a 1” subfloor laid over 1400 individual rubber pads. Therefore as a result, these act as shock absorbers, to make the ballroom experience more comfortable.

New Studio

New Dance Studio

Modern and State-of-The-Art

The state-of-the-art wireless sound system is coupled with acoustic design elements to enhance the overall musical experience. And, a vast music library and a media server provide access to a limitless number of songs and musical genres.

Because dancing is a social experience, Artistica needed a signature ambience. So with the help of architects and designers, one was created.

Modern, clean lines are accented by a contemporary colour palette.

The crystal chandelier suspended over the dance floor establishes an elegant focal point. Dozens of pot lights on dimmers create a variety of moods. And, the fourteen-foot ceilings inspire a liberating, ballroom like feeling.

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