Ballroom Dancing For Beginners

New Students

We’ve all been there, a club, a wedding or some other social function where a couple gliding across the floor made us wish we could do that. Well, you can.

New Students

Our accredited instructors are not only great dancers, they are great teachers. They keep the learning process relaxed and easy to understand. It all starts with your Private Lessons, where you receive one on one instruction for 45 minutes. You’ll get to learn at your own pace, while receiving the instructor’s undivided attention. But you’ll get more than that.

Private Lessons entitle you to Group Lessons at no charge. You can practice what you’ve learned with students at your level, with an instructor on hand providing encouragement and guidance. Plus, you’ll be invited to the Friday Night Rhythm & Moves Party at the studio, where you can practice in a social setting with your partner, other students or an instructor.

dance Lessons

Achieve Your Dance Goals

Remember the couple mentioned earlier? What you saw was effortless dancing, but what they were really doing was practicing, again, and that’s why it looked so amazing. Ballroom dancing is a skill. And, like all skills, it requires practice. So, at Artistica, your lessons not only provide expert instruction, they provide two additional opportunities to practice and improve with other students in a setting that’s relaxed and fun. At Artistica, our programs and instructors are dedicated to helping you achieve your ballroom goals.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions and discuss your objectives and interests. In addition, we will make every effort to arrange your Private Lessons around your schedule in collaboration with your instructor.