ACOC Women’s Summit 2018

Kelly and Anastasia had the honour to be part of an incredible speaking panel at the ACOC Women’s Summit! The panel consisted of amazing business women such as Nikki Pett from Sigma Promotional Marketing as well as Kristen Martin and Anne-Marie Gabrini from K+A Personal Concierge.  Kelly and Anastasia got a chance to speak in front of an audience of 220+ people and share the many ways that Artistica has been successful. From networking tactics to customer relationships and the power of referrals, for instance. They even spoke about the highs and the lows of owning a small business and being women entrepreneurs.

Empowered Women Empower Women…

The ACOC Women’s summit gathered a group of inspiring speakers. Jazz Samra from Google spoke about the digital tools Google offers for small business. Tracy Melchor from CTV a reporter for Etalk talked about her personal life/work balance and mental health. Nancy Osborne a professional speaker and coach inspired others to make their presence undeniable and as a result, their voices resonate. Paula Hope, a Consultant and an author spoke about Business Networking and Sex – It’s not what you think! Lizz Scott taught us how to find our Ikigai – The Road to Passion, Profits and Purpose. Elvira Caria was our Master of Ceremonies conducting a large group with ease. The whole day left all the women in attendance buzzing with new inspirations and insights because of their new sense of connection to all the other woman entrepreneurs in attendance.

Save the Date for the 2019 Aurora Chamber Women’s Summit

The upcoming ACOC Women’s Summit will be Wednesday, October 9,  2019 @ 8:00 am – 3:00 pm. Hosted at the Royal Venetian Mansion (400 Industrial Pkwy S, Aurora).

For more information, please contact Sandra Watson the Events Manager 905-727-7262  X23

A night out at The Hillary House Ball

As some of you may know, we love to party! Every Friday night we host a “Rhythm & Moves” dance party at our studio. In the town of Aurora, we are never short of finding fun things to do, and parties to attend. One of those parties is the Hillary House Ball. In support for one of Aurora’s most significant landmarks, Hillary House National Historic Site. This SOLD-OUT event brought in record proceeds which will aid in the ongoing preservation and restoration of Hillary House!

A Sophisticated Social Event…

The 2018 Hillary House Ball took place once again at the beautiful King Valley Golf Club. The evening featured fine dining ( yes the food was DELICIOUS), live entertainment, dancing, and a silent auction. The live music by After Hours Big Band was such a nice touch and because of them the dancefloor was full. Guests are offered an unrivaled experience. Enabling them to contribute to the preservation of their community’s heritage in a meaningful way. Thank you to the organizers and volunteers who put together such an enjoyable evening for everyone! We are very proud to say that Artistica were the last folks to leave the dance floor… naturally.

After Hours Big Band…

The After Hours Big Band has become a vital member of the York Region music scene! Started twelve years ago by Newmarket Citizens Band bandsman, Jack Savage. The band was originally a collection of NCB members who wanted to play jazz and swing repertoire after their regular community band rehearsals. While still joyously celebrating the Golden Age of 1930s and 1940s swing, as a result, the band has expanded its horizons and now also draws inspiration from the best of more contemporary composers and arrangers. This band has appeared at such highly-rated events as the Aurora Jazz+ Music Festival, the Newmarket Riverwalk Commons Music in the Park, the Unionville Big Band Festival and numerous fund-raisers in York Region. Click here to find out where they are performing next!

About the Hillary House itself…

Lived in by four doctors and their families from 1862 until 1993. Hillary House is situated on Yonge Street in Aurora. Owned and managed by the Aurora Historical Society, they always need your support to maintain this historic treasure. It is potentially among the foremost historic house museums in North America, combining architectural significance and the personal possessions of three generations of medical doctors who worked and lived there with their families. It is a window to a time of immense change, from the era of leeches and bleeding to the advent of penicillin, from a time of calling cards and private ballrooms to the arrival of the phonograph. Few museums can evoke the past and inexorable change so compellingly like the Hillary House!

Line Dancing at the Magna Hoedown. YEHAWW!

Dust off your cowboy boots, and put on the plaid! Artistica was in their element line dancing at the annual Magna Hoedown in Aurora!

Beginning in 1987,  Magna has hosted an amazing local event in Aurora drawing thousands of country music fans. Hoedown organizers requested Artistica to lead the line dance portion of the evening in 2016. So, guess what?!… this year we had the BIGGEST participation in the line dance so far! It seems like the word is out on how much fun line dancing can be! Artistica students were in the mix to help out the crowd follow the on-stage instruction. Imagine a sea of people moving and grooving, it really was such a cool thing to see, check out the video below!

The Student Hoedown…

Friday morning is the Student Hoedown. The team of organizers and volunteers work in partnership with the York Catholic and York Region District School Boards. They coordinate this invite-only event for students with disabilities along with their friends from the Best Buddies program. The students receive a complimentary lunch and Hoedown Showdown Finalists entertain them from the main stage. Patrick, Anastasia & Kelly were thrilled to attend for the fourth year in a row. We had a blast teaching all the kids a super fun line dance to the music from the entertaining concert put on just for them. It’s always a heartwarming experience and makes us very proud to be a part of such an amazing community that goes the extra mile for the younger generations!

A line-dance for the record books…

Artistica students were super excited to return on Saturday to the sold-out show at the Magna Hoedown. It was sold out because the popular Canadian band Blue Rodeo performed. Artistica lead the biggest line dance Aurora has ever seen! The participation from the crowd was absolutely amazing. Attendees are encouraged to make a voluntary donation to support the 20 Hoedown recipient charities, non-profits, & community groups!

Save the date…

Concert goers enjoy a memorable experience year after year by dancing with us on the Hoedown dance floor. We LOVE that! We can not wait to come back again next year! Save the date for 2019 Hoedown, September 13th & 14th.

Stay tuned for more details on how to get tickets for next year!


Giddy up!!

Let’s celebrate Artistica’s Birthday! The Big 3!


Hey everyone, it’s Artistica’s Birthday!

It’s hard to believe that it has been 3 years since we launched our precious Artistica Ballroom Dance Studio to the world. We still remember renting out space at a local children’s competitive dance studio. As fate has it, the rented space was only a block away from our future home. Funny, Right? In three years we have learned so much! Every challenge on our path to creating this vibrant studio has been overcome with teamwork. When we stop to look back on all that we’ve accomplished we can’t help but smile in gratitude. We are so grateful for all the amazing people who have become a part of our Artistica Family.

On Artistica’s birthday, we are eternally thankful for the opportunities we’ve been presented with. Thank you to all the organizations and charities we’ve had the pleasure of working with, and most of all …. the amazing relationships we’ve fostered with our students. Our studio would not be the same if it weren’t for all the incredible individuals that have come through our doors and graced our dance floor. We are very proud of what Artistica has become to us and our students and we all look forward to the future ahead and what it has in store for us!

To be opened in 2021…

In honor of our birthday, we created a time capsule filled with 3-year goals from students, messages from Patrick, Anastasia & Kelly,  memorabilia and other fun little things from 2018. We can’t wait to open it up 2021 for our 6 year anniversary! We are so excited to see where you all will be and all the milestones you will be able to achieve. Thank you for a great Birthday. Cheers to many more to come.


Dancing With The Easter Seals Stars 2018

The fourth annual Dancing With The Easter Seals Stars was a massive hit! We would like to thank all the dancers because they did an amazing job! We could not be more proud of all 8 individuals who worked tirelessly with us for two straight months. Thank you to our Emcee Steve Hinder, judges, sponsors and many volunteers who all helped make the event so special.

The Contestants…

A very big thank you to Brad Jones, Maria Ciarlandini, Michael Feherty, Sandra Ferri, Shannon Clark, Sheryl Thomas, Tony Van Bynen and Bruce Herridge. These wonderful people took time out of their busy schedules to fund-raise and promote the 2018 edition of Dancing with the Easter Seals Stars. It took two months of dedication and patience while they learned to dip, spin and kick ball-change. As a result, the show was outstanding and their dancing had everyone up on their feet cheering all night.

And the Winner is…

Our goal for this year was to push the contestants way beyond their limits. They all rose to the challenge, and then some! The evening was absolutely breath taking in the newly renovated Royal Venetian banquet hall. The evening had an unexpected turn of events when one of the contestants popped out her hip mid-dance. Luckily for her we had an expert martial arts trainer who knew exactly how to tackle the situation and popped her hip right back in place. In a feat of perseverance and determination, Shannon went back on the dance floor and completed her Quickstep routine with Patrick. She qualified for the top three but unfortunately was not able to dance in the final due to her injury. Shannon went on to win the “People’s Choice” award. The grand prize went to Michael Feherty who accepted his award with his adorable son by his side. On a serious note, the real winners are the Easter Seals Children.


Why this event is so important…

Easter Seals own and operate two fully accessible summer camps and offer children and youth 10-day summer camp experiences. Their camping programs give kids the opportunity to stay away from home and experience a wide range of fully accessible activities, such as a high ropes course, indoor climbing wall, sailing, kayaking, white-water rafting and so much more. Dancing with the Easter Seals Stars raises funds that help send kids to camp! Camp for Easter Seals’ kids is so essential for letting kids just be kids.

Artistica is honored to sponsor this event year after year. We love sharing the power of dance and it’s ability to move people from their toes to their hearts.


Thank you Easter Seals and everything you do for kids with disabilities.



Dancing with the Easter Seals Stars Aurora / Newmarket – Thursday October 10th 2019 @ Royal Venetian in Aurora

Fall Spotlight

At Artistica Ballroom Dance Studio, we host a special event in-house. These events are affectionately known as “SPOTLIGHTS”. A Spotlight happens almost 4 times a year, usually on a Friday night.  The studio gets packed with Artisitca family and friends, all gathered to bear witness to poetry in motion. During a “Spotlight” students are given the opportunity to have the dance floor to themselves and perform a dance they prepared with their partners or teachers. Everyone dances at different levels and a variety of styles.

We LOVE our spotlight events, and moving forward we are going to have them more frequently and with special themes! More about that in below……

Something New for Future spotlights

This particular Fall Spotlight was a very special one. There were 33 performances that evening, the most we’ve ever had! The reason for the big night was because it was the last Spotlight of it’s kind. With the growing numbers of student participation we wanted to make these Spotlights more readily available, so we’ve decided to implement a new system of smaller but way more frequent performances. In addition, there will also be themes! Themes such as Fringe Night, Jack n’ Jill, Ballroom Blitz and our first ever showcase! Sign up to reserve your spot for the year ahead. Start the conversation with your partner or instructor about what your next spotlight should be, and what dance you’d like to showcase next.

Thank you…..

We were so proud of how well everyone danced but also how supportive and encouraging everyone was to their fellow dancers. This spirit is what makes Artistica truly a special place to be a part of. A very special thank-you to everyone who has ever danced a spotlight at our studio, we are so proud of your willingness to share your art with our world. Every spotlight that happens, we begin to see our dance family grow.

Keep on dancing!


Fall Spotlight 2018

Dreams to Reality Bridal Show – FIRST DANCE LESSONS

Congratulations to all the newly engaged couples of York Region! We are here to help you learn to dance for the most important day of your life.

Bridal shows are a great way to find out what services are available in your area. We recommend going local! For example, The “Dreams to Reality Fall Wedding Show” offers a plethora of unique Bridal services in York Region. Hosted by Anita’s Events, this unique wedding show includes a cocktail reception, live entertainment, contests and a bridal Fashion Show By Gown Go Round through Sharon Temple’s timeless hallways! Artistica instructors were there to demonstrate what an impressive first dance can look like. In addition, our wedding dance students, Tamas & Philippa demonstrated their first dance they have been practicing for their wedding.

There is no doubt how much thought and effort goes into planning your wedding. So much planning that sometimes we skip over an essential part of the day – THE FIRST DANCE! That is where we come in. Artistica has helped countless couples with two left feet achieve a stunning dance with simple steps, turns and even a stress free dip to tie it all together. Reading this, we bet you’re thinking this all sounds great… in theory. How do I convince my partner to take dance lessons? Easy.

Follow these simple steps to get started on your First Dance:

  1. Remind them what a “slow dance” looked like from grade 8. Chances are it had you swaying from side to side, one step at a time. Hands on shoulders, arms extended, about 2 feet from each other. If that sounds familiar keep reading.
  2. Tell your partner you want to “make a memory”. Aside from the actual dancing part, the time spent learning together is filled with fun and laughter at our studio.
  3. Let’s pick a song! There is always that special song that the two of you agree should be your “first dance song”. This song can be anything! Fast, slow, funny, instrumental, polka… anything as long as it resonates with both of you.
  4. CALL ARTISTICA! We offer a FREE consultation meeting with us to chat about your wishes for your wedding dance. We offer our expertise and come up with a plan to get you there.

It’s that easy!

MOST IMPORTANT PART, leave yourself enough time to learn and practice. We suggest to start as early as possible, the more time the better. As a guideline, try to get started 1 month (minimum) before your wedding day. Because everyone learns at their own pace, therefore we want you to feel great! Our repertoire is vast, and we can teach ANYONE, so please don’t be shy. We are here to help you look and feel great on the dance floor!

First Dance Lessons

Around the World at Canada Superstars Showcase

The theme was “Around the World”. The social dancing was spectacular. Canada Superstars Showcase is an annual event featuring top competitive couples performing in the evening to a packed house. It was a wonderful outing with 15 of our students in attendance. Such a memorable evening of social dancing and spectating a wonderful professional show. Two of our gentleman students; Sudhir and Carmen competed earlier in the day in the ProAm divison. Both men danced very well and received wonderful personalized commentaries from the judges.  Over all, a wonderful event!

One of the many perks of becoming an Artistica student, is being invited to join us on studio outings for social dancing. Finding events nearby that have live music and room dance are few and far between. One of our duties is to keep our ear to the ground to find these events. We often travel outside of our studio walls to venues within York Region that offer a dinner and dance evening. This is a great way to take what you’ve been doing on your private lessons out into the “real world”. Artistica instructors are always in attendance to help our students have a great time our on the floor.

For upcoming events, head over to our schedule to find out where we will be next!

social dancing

Georgina Life Roger’s TV host learns to Ballroom Dance

There is a new trend in weddings, and it’s called “Ballroom Wedding Dance Lessons”!

Did you know more brides & grooms are taking it to the dance floor in preparation for their first dance? Our studio specializes in making your wedding dance dreams come to life. Artistica  instructors went on LIVE Rogers television “Georgina Life TV” to promote the “Dreams To Reality” wedding show held at the Sharon Temple. Artistica has a booth at the bridal show and will be offering demonstrations. Our instructors had tons of fun talking about what they encounter when teaching people how to Ballroom Dance. More importantly how to create a special memory with dance lessons and how easy learning can be for the newlyweds. Patrick and Kelly gave a wonderful demonstration on TV. Anastasia attempted to instruct and dance with the host!

P.S: for anyone getting married, we offer two package options. An introductory package OR our wedding package to fit your perfect first dance needs. We will help with everything from minimal easy steps for folks with two left feet, or dive into choreography for those who want to WOW family & friends.

Call today to schedule your free consultation to discuss your first dance! We will create a personalized dance program to make your wedding day and first dance even more special.

wedding dance

Karissa & Luc / Artistica Wedding Dance Students


Can-Am Dancesport Welcomes Artistica!

Artistica made a big splash at Can-Am Dancesport this year! It was our third year attending and the largest team of competitors yet! We are so proud to say our students had many 1st placings, and several scholarship placements as well! Thanks to all the dancers and spectators for a wonderful experience…..till next year!

Check out more photos here!