Line Dancing at the Magna Hoedown. YEHAWW!

Dust off your cowboy boots, and put on the plaid! Artistica was in their element line dancing at the annual Magna Hoedown in Aurora!

Beginning in 1987,  Magna has hosted an amazing local event in Aurora drawing thousands of country music fans. Hoedown organizers requested Artistica to lead the line dance portion of the evening in 2016. So, guess what?!… this year we had the BIGGEST participation in the line dance so far! It seems like the word is out on how much fun line dancing can be! Artistica students were in the mix to help out the crowd follow the on-stage instruction. Imagine a sea of people moving and grooving, it really was such a cool thing to see, check out the video below!

The Student Hoedown…

Friday morning is the Student Hoedown. The team of organizers and volunteers work in partnership with the York Catholic and York Region District School Boards. They coordinate this invite-only event for students with disabilities along with their friends from the Best Buddies program. The students receive a complimentary lunch and Hoedown Showdown Finalists entertain them from the main stage. Patrick, Anastasia & Kelly were thrilled to attend for the fourth year in a row. We had a blast teaching all the kids a super fun line dance to the music from the entertaining concert put on just for them. It’s always a heartwarming experience and makes us very proud to be a part of such an amazing community that goes the extra mile for the younger generations!

A line-dance for the record books…

Artistica students were super excited to return on Saturday to the sold-out show at the Magna Hoedown. It was sold out because the popular Canadian band Blue Rodeo performed. Artistica lead the biggest line dance Aurora has ever seen! The participation from the crowd was absolutely amazing. Attendees are encouraged to make a voluntary donation to support the 20 Hoedown recipient charities, non-profits, & community groups!

Save the date…

Concert goers enjoy a memorable experience year after year by dancing with us on the Hoedown dance floor. We LOVE that! We can not wait to come back again next year! Save the date for 2019 Hoedown, September 13th & 14th.

Stay tuned for more details on how to get tickets for next year!


Giddy up!!