• Ed & Lori Greco

    “We first started dance lessons to learn a few swing moves but we had so much fun together we soon tried other dances. We really enjoyed learning along with others at our level and the support we all gave each other was really encouraging.

    One of the best things about our dancing has been the social connections and the new friends we’ve made. We feel we belong to a wonderful dancing community. An extra bonus is that it’s great exercise too!

    As we’ve come to know them, we realize that Anastasia, Kelly and Patrick are exceptional people and exceptional teachers. They have made each and every class challenging and fun. The teachers know us well now and our classes are personalized to our goals. We plan to keep dancing for a long time!”

  • Kerry and Lena Johnson

    “We first started taking dance lessons to learn a single dance – the Swing. We quickly saw others doing multiple other dances and we were impressed by the way they moved on the dance floor. We signed on for other dances and were surprised by the side benefits of dancing, namely the social aspect and the competitive aspect. Although it is not for everyone and competing was never forced on us, we found it really enhanced our dancing. As for the social side of dance, we have been extremely fortunate to have met and become close friends with some really amazing people.

    We have been exposed to in excess of 30 dance instructors in our dance career but not until we were lucky enough to have had the opportunity to have Anastasia and Patrick as our teachers, have we been able to dramatically advance our dance ability.”

  • Patti Collins

    “I first took an interest in ballroom dance to ONLY learn the Tango, as I really didn’t know too much about the other dances. Fast forward 8 years, I now have 10 favorite dances, Tango is still one of them and not only have I competed locally and in the US, but I think I might be a competition junkie.

    I have had the pleasure of working with dance instructors over the years, but there is simply no comparison to the level of skill, professionalism, creativity, and… patience that I have experienced since working with Patrick, Anastasia and Kelly.”

  • Yuri & Ilona Alimov

    “We have tried several other dance studios prior to Artistica, but nothing compares to this! Kelly, Anastasia and Patrick have a unique gift of teaching like no other instructors with whom we have worked.

    My husband in particular was very hesitant in trying yet another dance company, but now he is the first one at the door with his dance shoes! This is an incredible couples experience, and a great way to spend quality time together amongst fantastic people. We have been with these guys for some time now, and are never leaving! They are not only our teachers, but also our friends. Love you guys!”

  • Robert Lawson

    “My wife and I have busy and demanding professional lives. Ballroom dance provides us a romantic, fun and creative way of spending time together. Every testimonial gushes about their teachers’ patience, skill and dedication – and this one will be no different. Anastasia, Kelly and Patrick have earned every word. They are bright, skilled, professional engaging and are genuinely concerned about improving all of their students’ dancing in a professional and non-pressured manner.

    Their private lessons permit students to learn at their own pace. The group lessons give students an opportunity to refine their fundamentals, and the Friday evening parties are a welcome opportunity to enjoy their improved dancing among friends.”

  • Jackie Playter

    “Since I started dancing at Artistica Ballroon Dance Studio I have a feeling of well being that I have never felt before; I have more bounce in my step and I feel more poised. Patrick, Anastasia and Kelly are amazing dance instructors and actually make learning how to dance interesting and easy and fun. My 90 minutes of Dance Lessons are the favourite part of my whole week.”

  • George & Dawn Moon

    “We began dancing 10 years ago as a husband and wife team and were looking for a fun way to spend time together. We were not disappointed! Not only is dancing fun, it is a fantastic way to exercise both the body & mind!

    With Anastasia and Patrick’s cheerful and patient guidance we have advanced within the Silver level and have been successful in various international competitions. We have a great time in group lessons and enjoy meeting newcomers at the weekly dance parties. We are delighted to be part of the Artistica family!”

  • Peter Krug

    “There are a few things in a man’s life that are milestones and one of these unforgettable moments was my daughter’s wedding in Ragusa, Sicily (on August 28th, 2015). This event was planned over many months and all the special moments of this magical day are captured in pictures. One of my highlights was the father-daughter wedding dance that Kelly Stacey at Artistica choreographed and custom-made for my daughter Nicola and myself (accommodating the Canada – Italy distance). Her creativity, patience and humour were greatly appreciated and this video of the dance is a keepsake that will be watched on many occasions and future family get-togethers for the rest of our lives.

    Thank you Kelly for creating this beautiful routine and memory. I am counting on you for the wedding dances of my two other daughters, Michelle and Daniela.”