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Develop Your Skills, Build Your Confidence

Step Into The Spotlight

You could think about dancing in terms of learning how to drive. Your ultimate goal is actually driving, when you want and where you want. After driving a little while you build up your confidence, relax and then just hit the road.

Once you’ve learned and practiced your chosen dance, you’ll start to relax and become more confident. That’s when it’s time to hit the dance floor in an Artistica Spotlight.

A Spotlight is a special, fun event held at our studio, featuring student performances in dances of their choice, in a no-pressure environment. Everyone there is a student, still learning. And, the great thing about our studio is the atmosphere. All the people are helpful and encouraging. Everyone realizes that a Spotlight is all about how far you’ve come, not how far you have to go.

Competitive Dance

Dance With Confidence

These events build your confidence and help you tap into the fun of ballroom dancing. So, when you to go out for an evening or find yourself at a wedding or social function, you’ll know you can do it … because you’ve already done it.

Pro-Am Competitions
Showcase your skills and take your ballroom dancing to the next level.

Competitions – Fun and Rewarding

For those who want to take their dancing to next level, our studio participates in Pro-Am Competitions. Students and instructors work on dances at specific levels (i.e. Rumba at the Silver Level). They will then attend a competition dancing the Rumba against other studios and students at the same level. Pro-Am Competitions are challenging and fun but they aren’t for everyone. They’re simply another way Artistica provides students with the opportunity to take their dancing as far as they wish.

Artistica received a 3rd place finish for Top Studio Award at La Classique Du Quebec 2016.

Plus Artistica has won numerous top studio awards! Join the fun!