Fall Spotlight

At Artistica Ballroom Dance Studio, we host a special event in-house. These events are affectionately known as “SPOTLIGHTS”. A Spotlight happens almost 4 times a year, usually on a Friday night.  The studio gets packed with Artisitca family and friends, all gathered to bear witness to poetry in motion. During a “Spotlight” students are given the opportunity to have the dance floor to themselves and perform a dance they prepared with their partners or teachers. Everyone dances at different levels and a variety of styles.

We LOVE our spotlight events, and moving forward we are going to have them more frequently and with special themes! More about that in below……

Something New for Future spotlights

This particular Fall Spotlight was a very special one. There were 33 performances that evening, the most we’ve ever had! The reason for the big night was because it was the last Spotlight of it’s kind. With the growing numbers of student participation we wanted to make these Spotlights more readily available, so we’ve decided to implement a new system of smaller but way more frequent performances. In addition, there will also be themes! Themes such as Fringe Night, Jack n’ Jill, Ballroom Blitz and our first ever showcase! Sign up to reserve your spot for the year ahead. Start the conversation with your partner or instructor about what your next spotlight should be, and what dance you’d like to showcase next.

Thank you…..

We were so proud of how well everyone danced but also how supportive and encouraging everyone was to their fellow dancers. This spirit is what makes Artistica truly a special place to be a part of. A very special thank-you to everyone who has ever danced a spotlight at our studio, we are so proud of your willingness to share your art with our world. Every spotlight that happens, we begin to see our dance family grow.

Keep on dancing!


Fall Spotlight 2018