Student Appreciation Month

Thank you to all of our students for a great year! Our June student appreciation month was lots of fun! We hope you enjoyed the theme parties – here are some pictures. Paul won ‘most argumentative student’ because he argued the most for his limitations 🙂


Paul and PAK


Our Spring Open House

Thanks to all students and guests who made our spring 2017 open house such a success! We hope you enjoyed dancing and we hope to see you at the studio really soon!

Hands Across the Nations

We were thrilled to be invited once again to perform at this special event. Hands Across the Nations (HATN) is a charity that works to build  capacity – working within the same communities for several years in order to maximize impact and create solutions. It’s a wonderful group of volunteers who generously donate their time and expertise to bring healthcare, education and clean water to two communities in great need – Bolivia, South America, and Mali, West Africa. 

Our own Chris and Cathy Fuchs volunteer with HATN and have traveled to Africa to advance the projects and they worked so hard to make this fundraising event a special and successful evening. We were honoured to contribute in our own way by dancing for all the guests! Here are a few of pictures of our performances & the line dance! 

Please visit to learn more about this wonderful charity!

Bringing Punta Cana Home!

We did our best to continue the tropical fun by re-creating our white night gala at the studio! Everyone had so much fun seeing the pictures and re-living our wonderful holiday! The travellers even performed the salsa formation and it looked great! Check out our Instagram for more pictures and the dance video (Artisticaballroomdance)

Here’s a pic of the whole group!

White night back at the studio!

Punta Cana Dance Vacation 2017

Ola! Our dance vacation to Punta Cana was a spectacular success! It was full of sunshine, beach chillin’ and swimming, dancing, delicious food, friendship and lots and lots of fun! And there might have been a mojito or two! Our daily dance classes were positively tropical and we topped the week with a cool salsa formation – yaaa baby! Check out our facebook page for pics

Everyone ready for the white night gala!

Ahhh, it’s always nice to be home too and we’re all looking forward to the next Artistica event!

St. Patrick’s Day at Artistica!

Hope you all had a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! It’s a special day at Artistica and someone in particular feels special 🙂 We had a great time at the party! Ok, so who can guess who is in the tutu?

La Classique du Quebec 2017

We are so proud of all of our students who danced beautifully at this special competition in Montreal in February. It’s such a unique event organized by the celebrated Meryem Pearson and Daniel Heroux – famed dancers, teachers and coaches who now run this world-class, elegant event. We were all thrilled to participate! We saw some amazing dancing including professional competitions and a professional show by the reigning latin world champions. WOW! And for our own results…..Patti and Lori both placed in the gold and silver level Scholarship events. AAAND, of the top 10 students at the whole competition (wait for it….) Artistica had 3 of the placements – congratulations Lori, Patti, and Carm for their amazing results! Our wonderful Patrick won 8th top teacher – which is no small feat as there were close to 100 teachers competing.

Here are some pictures of our dancers and you can link to our Facebook page for more pictures of La Classique!  


Warming up at the Coldest Night of the Year

On Saturday February 25th Anastasia, Kelly and Patrick led the warm up for the fundraising walk ‘The Coldest Night of the Year’.

The Coldest Night of the Year is a super fun, family-friendly walking fundraiser that raises money for the hungry, homeless and hurting in 100+ communities across Canada.

Click here for more info about this wonderful event.

We love yoga!

We are all SOOO enjoying getting strengthened and lengthened in the new Monday night yoga for ballroom dancing class! We decided to do this class to improve our students’ balance, flexibility, and mental focus, all of which build dancing skill and ability. It’s great for beginners and advanced students too! Here’s an interesting research article about the many benefits of yoga. We hope to see you all at Monday night yoga really soon!

New yoga stretch and strength class

The new addition to our class schedule was a big success! We’ve had our first couple of yoga stretch and strengthen classes and students are raving! We worked on balance, muscle tone and stretching in ways that will specifically support ballroom dancing. We finished up with a guided meditation to improve mental focus and clarity, which can always help with concentration and remembering those more advanced steps ORRRR… your Spotlight routine 🙂

One student said she had the best sleep ever and told us we are never allowed to cancel this class! This is open to all levels, no experience necessary!

Men’s, Ladies and Co-Ed groups have now been moved to Thursday’s at 7:30pm – 8:15pm (45 minutes). The three groups will alternate throughout the month, and they are also open to all levels, so if you’ve been meaning to find out what it’s all about, give them a try!