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Can-Am Dancesport Welcomes Artistica!

Artistica made a big splash at Can-Am Dancesport this year! It was our third year attending and the largest team of competitors yet! We are so proud to say our students had many 1st placings, and several scholarship placements as well! Thanks to all the dancers and spectators for a wonderful experience…..till next year! Check […]

Dancing to the Borealis Big Band!

We’re SOOO excited!!! To top off our student appreciation week, we have a special studio outing! We will be dancing on Friday, June 22nd to Aurora’s Borealis Big Band! As you can see below, Carm and Karen plan to join us and we hope you do too! Join us at the Newmarket Town Hall at […]

Nothing Stops us Dancing

Well, our Spring Spotlight was interrupted by a power outage BUT the power of dancing was ON at Artistica! A few of the diehards danced by candlelight and made it a special night in spite of the weather! Aaaaand then it was the power of the fourth! You should’ve been there 🙂

Why dance is just as important as math in schools

“…a deeper understanding of dance challenges standard conceptions of intelligence and achievement and show the transformative power of movement for people of all ages and backgrounds. Dance can help restore joy and stability in troubled lives and ease the tensions in schools disrupted by violence and bullying” Thanks to our wonderful student Joan for this […]

World of Dance Showcase

Not even the ice storm of the year could keep us off the dance floor!!! The Artistica Team made a splash at the beautiful Showcase hosted by the wonderful Kateryna Stytsenko and Dimitry Ilyushenov on April 14th. There were 11 dancers (a record!) as well as our three teachers so we were one of the […]

Toronto Winter Ball A Big Success!

We were thrilled to compete with nine of our students at this lovely event on December 16th. Everyone danced their hearts out and we all had a great time watching the Pro-Am and Professional events. We were all excited to watch Karina Smirnoff and Justinas Duknauskas perform a fabulous show dance! AND…. Artistica came out […]

Dancing Into Christmas…

We celebrated the Christmas season with a very special studio party this year! Ready for it?….our group class for the evening was taught by none other than  Karina Smirnoff and Justinas Duknauskas – they were so much fun and what a treat to have world champions at our own studio! We were warmed up for dancing […]