New yoga stretch and strength class

The new addition to our class schedule was a big success! We’ve had our first couple of yoga stretch and strengthen classes and students are raving! We worked on balance, muscle tone and stretching in ways that will specifically support ballroom dancing. We finished up with a guided meditation to improve mental focus and clarity, which can always help with concentration and remembering those more advanced steps ORRRR… your Spotlight routine 🙂

One student said she had the best sleep ever and told us we are never allowed to cancel this class! This is open to all levels, no experience necessary!

Men’s, Ladies and Co-Ed groups have now been moved to Thursday’s at 7:30pm – 8:15pm (45 minutes). The three groups will alternate throughout the month, and they are also open to all levels, so if you’ve been meaning to find out what it’s all about, give them a try!

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